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 I feel incredibly guilty when I go on here and lurk for hours at a time-- consider posting-- and never do. bwahaha.
Guilty is used very loosely because I don't really feel that guilty! 

It's rather sad to discover that my last post was going to be about Obama's inauguration. I haven't written here in longer than a year, it's rather wrong.
I've moved out of my mom's place just because of drama I wasn't willing to put up with.
Right now? I'm exhausted. But there's a little party of me that wants to go for a run. 
I might go do that. 



Why is it a prerequisite for High School that every group of friends MUST have drama? Why is it, if the said group was the best freaking group of friends of all time, that they must all fall apart? Why is it, that I've been thrown into the middle of this?

Why? is pretty much the only question I'm able to regurgitate through this point in time.

And... why is it, that as I write this-- that the situation gets stickier?

Essentially, my group of friends was the biggest mix of misfits ever. As dubbed by my grade 9 French teacher. But that's why we gelled so well, and we all just seemed to fit. Two years of pretty much the most amazing, messed up stuff ever, going on our third year, and just as the end of this year is in sight, we start to fall apart.

I'm going to use names seeing as no one who reads this really knows who these people are.

Emily essentially is on the outskirts of this group. Not because none of us like her, she doesn't like any of us, except for Sarah who is her best friend. Emily and I act civil to one another and we talk, but we don't have hangout sessions or anything. So yanno, not really a big loss. Essentially apart from that, it's she's hating on him, and they're hating on her, etc. etc.

Mindless. Retarded. Period.

Prom limos? I'm apparently supposed to be in two on the same night because I was lucky to be invited again.
What the hell am I supposed to say? "I'm walking"? and then show up in the other's limo? Raugh.

Drama should stay in the freaking classroom where you learn about it. DRAMA CLASS. period.

As for anything else? Auditioned for Sound of Music. Didn't get the role of Liesil. Said I was physically and vocally to big. Vocally? So sue me. I'm a natural belter. Unlike other belters, I can actually tell when to turn down the freaking volume.

More or Less? I'm kind of just disappointed in myself and my friends knowing we all could do better. Other than the fact I have a new Phantom bootleg with my favorite cast.

Mar. 25th, 2008

So I'm kinda just updating this so Ross Roy doesn't play anymore when I open my gaddamn LJ page. :P

Well that and it's really just a whole jumble of things.

Just to say hello?

I kinda have no freaking money whatsoever. I owe $324 to my school and like. My choir is all like: yo! we're going on a tour next year--


but guess what?


Yeah. ftw? fuck no.

I need a job. fuck.

new layout?

didn't work so much. mmm.

supposed to look like this --> http://template-2.livejournal.com/

unless it's looking like that on other browsers or something? let me know? dah.

*flail* ver. 2

I hate snow days.


Usually I'm up for missing school and all, cause like. School is school. But this semester, I have SWEET classes. That and I guess I'm just really sick of sitting around and not doing anything. I mean, I had an entire week of after exams, which was cool so I could sleep in, but now I'm just sick of it and I want school to really get going, and I just want the snow to go away. :/

In Toronto, we're up to about mid-thigh in snow. Not friggin' cool. I'm also really irked that everyone insists that we're being so baby-ish towards the weather. First of all, we're a major city with FIVE major highways coming through. like. seriously, piss off. We're not being babies, we're just not used to about oh-- 50 FEET OF SNOW IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DOWNTOWN CORE. Like, seriously. Shut up. That's all.

On a much brighter note, choir had it's second recording session on Tuesday and it went much better than Sunday, and we generally sounded great. I'm slightly unsure about the next recording on Sunday, but if it goes as well as Tuesday did, then I'll be fine.

Before I go, I want to say one last thing. I love Dana so much. I read her blog today and was completely humbled by her thoughts and how highly she thinks of me. I miss her more than she knows.

Do you have anyone in your life that you couldn't even imagine what it would be like not knowing them? I'm lucky I have a few. I thank God-- though I don't do it enough.

lots of love.




yes. A pain in the b!tch. 'specially WHEN THE CHOIR SUCKS. like mine. but there are some good voices. *nodnod*

tell me what to do so I don't chop off everyone's head who is younger than 13?

btw. Epica April 11th. waah.w00t.

I need to see if I can get money to see P!atD with Kayla for her birthday? y/n? donations to Send Kearyn with Kayla to P!atD are totally accepted.

so close...

So. Mondays suck. Because it signifies the beginning of the week. Now, seeing as it is summer vacation, I really wouldn't give a damn. But alas. I have summer school. Ick. Anyways. It's the beginning of the second week, so it's not that bad, I have my exam this thursday. Then I'm off to my grandparents the friday. HAH. so. Camp starts soon.

...So ... close... >_

Oh My God. ver. 2

Okay. two things. One of them is going to make me sound like a brat. >_< I don't care.

One. I'm getting this overwith.
Within Temptation-- one of the coolest bands to ever grace the gothic metal scene. Is playing in Toronto. I'm so excited, but there are three problems in my way at this point.

1) WT is playing on a tuesday, I have choir on Tuesday. This wouldn't really bother me, my mom, or my choir. BUT. I'm already going to miss a practice for a Nightwish concert in October. Missing two isn't cool.

2) WT is playing the same week as Epica(who is playing on the friday) which is AMAZING. But AGAIN. my mother stands in my way. I doubt she'll let me go to 2 concerts in ONE week.

3) it's a weekday, on the second week of school. mother: hell no!

So really, I can't go because my mother will point this out, and I really don't want to blow my chances of getting decent grades in school, this is also my last year of choir and I don't want to miss anything other than for Nightwish. I got such low marks last year cause I missed so much school.

SECOND BIG OMG MOMENT. This just really upsets me. And my uncle who worked his ass off.

My uncle is a composer for tv and films, and he's done so much, but with not a lot of recognition. This movie was supposed to be a really big break for him- It was called Butterfly on a Wheel then It was re-named to Shattered. Gerard Butler was in it, and for those who have seen 300 and stuff, know his career is on a fasttrack to SOMEWHERE. So, anyways. This was supposed to be a big movie, but as you can see, trailers aren't playing on TV or in the theatres. Why you may ask?

BECAUSE IT'S ON LIMITED RELEASE. THIS IS BULL SHIT. My uncle worked his ASS off to do a good job, and Lionsgate has now only released it in Miami at the moment.

To everyone reading this who knows Gerard Butler fans or anyone who vaugely new of this movie or ANYTHING!! I'm now asking for the biggest favour of my life.

Not only My uncle, but countless others worked on this film-- HELP PERSUADE LIONSGATE TO RELEASE SHATTERED INTERNATIONALLY!

PLEASE pass this on to anyone you know!!!

... so now I have that out of my system... I'm going to get some food. *Sigh*


I want to use these REALLY COOL custom emotes for LJ. and I can't figure out how to get them onto my LJ setting. rawr. help?

Yay! I can post!

So I'm 16 now (My birthday was tuesday! yay!) and I'm proving now I can post pointless things when I'm happy-- not just mad! heh.

So I love this band called [Paramore] because they are amazing. Their lead singer [Hayley] is an AMAZING singer. I joined a Paramore!Fic community because there are none on LJ so far. So my friend [Kayla] fixed this. I joined. You should too. [Mmhmm.]

thats all. [^_^]